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PAGE CONTENT:Solution 1 - Extover low-memory partition lớn fix "not enough space" Solution 2 - Clean up junk files & extremely large files to không lấy phí up spaceSolution 3 - Rescan disks khổng lồ fix "not enough space on disk" error 

Not enough space error message in Windows Disk Management:

Error 1 - "Not enough memory available khổng lồ complete this operation. Quit one or more applications khổng lồ increase available memory, và then try again."

Error 2 - "There is not enough space available on the disk(s) to complete this operation."


As we use the Disk Management to lớn create, extover, or shrink partition, you may encounter such "no enough space" error because the tool has limitations. When your computer says it"s running low disk space lớn exeđáng yêu a certain task with the below error messages, don"t be fooled. Why does such an error message pop up on your PC? There are two typical reasons.

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One. Due to the limitation of the extended partition & Disk Management tool itself, you cannot create a new partition on free space. Instead, you must delete the không tính tiền space và turn it inkhổng lồ unallocated space.

Two. It"s only because you"re not utilizing the memory right. Many Windows users prefer khổng lồ install applications và store data files khổng lồ the system drive sầu, soon the drive sầu will be filling up. And then, such an error generates.

However, if you try to move unused space from drive D:, E: or F: to drive sầu C: with the Disk Management program, you"ll find that extkết thúc volume is grayed out if there"s no unallocated space right behind your target disk (which has not enough space). So, we"ve sầu collected the following solutions to lớn help you resolve sầu this error happened on your computer disk.

Solution 1 - Extover low-memory partition khổng lồ fix "not enough space" 

When the Windows Disk Management program sends "there is not enough space (or free memory)khổng lồ complete this operation" error, it seems that you"ll then have no choice but khổng lồ cthua trận the window.

Instead of deleting existing partitions behind the partition with insufficient space with Disk Management, a third-tiệc nhỏ Disk Management alternative program khổng lồ proceed with the operation should be your best choice.


And the most recommended one is au-79.net Partition Master, which provides basic and advanced disk và partition management, among mỏi which the "resize/move sầu partition" feature và "cleanup & optimization" feature will help effectively resolve "there is not enough space on the disk" in Windows.

Download, install au-79.net partition manager software on your computer try it to lớn fix this issue with the upcoming four steps:


Follow the guide carefully khổng lồ fix "not enough space available on the disk to lớn complete this operation" error.

Step 1. xuất hiện au-79.net Partition Master và clichồng "Adjust with 1-Click" on the right panel.

When the không tính phí space on your partition is too small, you will get the low disk space warning on our hàng hóa.


Step 2. Cliông xã the "Proceed" button.

au-79.net Partition Master will adjust the partition kích cỡ to lớn solve sầu the low space issue intelligently after clicking "Adjust with 1-click", & you only need khổng lồ cliông xã "Proceed" to lớn continue.


You can also cliông xã the "Manual Adjustment" option to lớn resize it manually if the Smart Space Adjustment cannot satisfy your needs. Then, cliông xã "Proceed" to lớn continue.


Step 3. Execute operations.

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Click the "Exexinh tươi Operation" button at the top corner & keep all changes by clicking "Apply".


This will completely remove sầu insufficient space error form your Windows PC. You may also face "there is not enough memory khổng lồ run Word" error when you use office software in your daily life.

Solution 2 - Clean up junk files & extremely large files khổng lồ miễn phí up space

If the disk is theoretically filling up & gives such an error message, you don"t need to lớn buy a new large HDD or SSD to lớn replace it, either. Try lớn vì some cleaning with "System Cleanup" and "Large File Cleanup" features in au-79.net Tools M.

Let"s see if the problem can be solved after unloading GBs of junk files & large files you never use.

To clean junk files:

Step 1.  DOWNLOAD và install au-79.net Tools M. Select "System Cleanup" on the main screen.


Step 2. Select the type of junk files you want lớn scan and cliông chồng "Analyze".


Step 3. Identify & select useless files & clichồng "Clean up" to lớn remove those files from your PC or máy tính xách tay.


You should now không lấy phí up quite a lot of space from the partition & fixed the insufficient disk space error.

To clean large files:

Open au-79.net Tools M, this time choose Large File Cleanup & then follow the wizard lớn delete unwanted large files.


Solution 3 - Rescan disks khổng lồ fix "not enough space on disk" error

In addition to lớn the reasons we mentioned on the beginning, the error message -"there is not enough space on the disk to complete this operation", may caused by the common reasons that the Disk Management can not detect the actions.

Step 1. Press Windows+X and choose Disk Management.

Step 2. Head on Actions in the toolbar & choose Rescan Disks.


Step 3. Wait for the rescan process to complete và you try extend, shrink, etc. the partition again.

Further help khổng lồ fix "there is not enough space on the disk" error

au-79.net Partition Master is a cost-effective sầu tool for resolving various disk problems. And if you are having similar problems khổng lồ the "not enough space" error, those following tutorial link are helpful.