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Japanese wear surgical masks lớn avoid bacteria, but usually they wear them because he/she is already siông xã & wants khổng lồ protect others. If you have a cold or catch one in nhật bản, you should wear a mask as you travel. You can purchase them in any Konbini or simply a 100 yen shop like Daiso. You can get some that are customized as well, personally i wore the black one makes me look lượt thích a Nin-Ja !
Nin-Ja ! Told you !

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Japanese people think it"s disgusting khổng lồ blow your nose, và some of us caught a cold & so we were wondering what are we supposed to do ?Blowing your nose in a paper tissue is okay, judging by my japanese friends, you just have khổng lồ turn away from someone. Or which is best is lớn blow your nose in the toilet. 
"The truth is more simple - it"s considered extremely disgusting khổng lồ blow your nose with a cloth handkerchief. When a Japanese person sees a handkerchief shaped piece of cloth, they will assume that it"s for wiping off sweat from the face, or if it"s a great big one they"ll assume it"s a cloth to lớn put your lunchbox "
Luckily, we bởi not use handkerchief, we think it is kind of "oldschool" anyway :)A little "How to" blow your nose in Japan ;) : http://www.wikihow.com/Blow-Your-Nose-in-Japan 
Cleanliness for japanese people represent purity. The Japanese take great pains to lớn keep their cities clean. Even if there is people employed by the state khổng lồ clean up, it is also not uncomtháng lớn see groups of retirees meeting up on mornings armed with garbage bags and pick-up sticks. Even if the thành phố is super clean, there is very few trash cans you have sầu to lớn hold on lớn your garbage for some time !
We were right in the middle of the crossroad of Shibuya...
Japanese people act for the good of the group, they put the need of the group before their own. So blabbering loudly in public can annoy some. They advised us lớn use ‘indoor voice’ outside. For us French people, we are not accustomed lớn it because we often speak loudly.
Told you cleanliness represent purity ? Well you can observe it also with the japanese toilets, they are generally more elaborate than toilets in other developed nations.
Toilets in restaurants (Screenshot from one of our video)

6 - They have sầu so many manners and polite expressions, so how should I act ? I don"t want to be rude !

Manners matter ! Yeah yeah ! That"s right ! You should say thank you for nearly everything in Japan! Smile & bow when you say it. An arigatou is good for cthua kém friends, but if you talk to lớn someone you don"t know you should add "gozaimasu" > “Arigatou gozaimasu!”There is also table manners, you can go on that website if you want lớn know more :- Table manners- General manners
Using chopsticks for some Natlớn on rice !

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In Japan, it is not common to lớn speak english. But i assure you they are willing khổng lồ help, not EVERYONE ! We encountered some people who were very rude even if it was their work lớn insize us, they were just mimicking the directions like we annoyed them... 
But anyway, mostly we always got what we wanted in every restaurants we went, got every infos we needed, even met japanese people with whom we friended... they speak the minimum english but it is enough :) So do not panic about that !
We caught a cold there & so we needed drugs. We went to lớn a pharmacy và asked for what we needed. And we were impressed on how expensive sầu it was ! So prepare drugs from your country so you won"t be surprised by any cold or anything in Japan ! If any of you are or go in Japan during winter, và during the starting of spring, well it"s cold & windy outside but also in appartments so put your sweater on ! ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMp0ltsyQtc
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