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Current Version: 1.5

Version History

August 7, 2019

File Viewer Lite 1.5 released

Added new application iconAdded support for High Efficiency File Format files (.heic, .heif)Added tư vấn for many new multimedia typesFixed various bugs

August 7, 2017

File Viewer Lite 1.4.1 released

Updated installer with new certificate

August 12, 2016

File Viewer Lite 1.4 released

Now supports over 150 tệp tin formats!Added support for many new multitruyền thông file typesAdded 100+ formats lớn the file type identification databaseUpgraded digital certificate for Windows 10 compatibilityImproved German, Spanish, French, Czech, Polish, & Chinese versionsFixed a character encoding issue with the source code view

August 6, 2015

File Viewer Lite 1.3.3 released

Windows 10 compatibility updateFixed an issue with displaying .PCD images

March 12, 2015

File Viewer Lite 1.3.2 released

Added additional string translations for GermanFixed a print dialog bug for image printingOther minor user interface bug fixes

January 6, 2015

File Viewer Lite 1.3.1 released

Added a language option khổng lồ the Preferences windowFixed a thực đơn bar issue with Chinese localization

December 17, 2014

File Viewer Lite 1.3.0 released

Added 13 new file formats (.dds, .dfont, .dib, .jbig/.jbg, .jng, .miff, .mvg, .pes, .psb, .sfw, .svgz, .ttf, .webp)Added localizations for German, Spanish, French, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Polish, và CzechImproved support for DICOM imagesAdded support for DICOM metadata và Photocửa hàng IPTC metadataImproved camera raw support, including more camera modelsImproved source code view

September 3, 2014

File Viewer Lite 1.2.0 released

Added a user manual (Help -> User Manual...)Added more robust text search featuresMinor bug fixes và UI improvements

May 30, 2014

File Viewer Lite 1.1.1 released

Implemented minor interface improvements

May 9, 2014

File Viewer Lite 1.1.0 released

Updated document viewing engine, which improves compatibility with Microsoft WordUpgraded PDF viewing engine, which improves PDF rendering qualityUpgraded image editing engine & graphics editing interfaceUpdated audio và đoạn Clip engine enabling higher chất lượng playbackAdded a full screen đoạn Clip modeAdded an option to tăng cấp lớn File Viewer PlusUpdated application nameFixed minor bugs

August 8, 2013

File Viewer 1.0.2 released

Fixed an issue that could prevent file association preferences from saving correctly

May 29, 2013

File Viewer 1.0.1 released

Fixed an issue that would prompt an unnecessary restart during installationUpdated application name

May 20, 2013

Windows File Viewer 1.0.0 released

Other Downloads

While File Viewer Lite is freeware, it uses the following open source components to provide the widest range of supported file types. You may clichồng the link below to download the corresponding archive sầu.

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1.

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It can also tư vấn different multitruyền thông media files, such as audio files, đoạn phim files, and graphics. Zip files are also very compatible with this tool. It provides an additional panel that has more information related to editing files và also contains metadata for a tệp tin.

Therefore, it also offers different suggestions to lớn its users, so that they do not encounter complexity when using this software. File Viewer Plus Key is user tư vấn software.

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File Viewer Plus is the most common file viewer for each window that can easily display 300 different types of files. You can also change different types of files using the plus tệp tin viewer. It provides more tools and resources lớn change your files and data. You can also save these changes using this tool.

You can perkhung different functions and activities on your files và data using this tool. Most users use it very often. File Viewer Plus Keyren simply does not function as a file viewer, as it can also function as a converter. You can also add any of the images & objects to lớn your text file & easily edit it in an excellent way.

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File Viewer Plus is a very powerful editor used khổng lồ edit your files in the desired format. You can also change your Microsoft document very quickly và save those changes as well. You can also convert different audio & đoạn phim formats to lớn different types of multitruyền thông media files in this single application. It was designed lớn solve sầu several problems with tệp tin management. It provides several solutions lớn troubleshoot these files and supports different formats.

File Viewer Plus 3 Crachồng is also called an all-in-one tool, because this chất lượng software can help in many different ways. You bởi not need khổng lồ purchase software separately khổng lồ perform various tasks. This exclusive sầu software solves all your problems and offers different functions and tools. You can easily support different documents, such as PDF files, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, etc.

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File Viewer Plus craông chồng is an extraordinary editor và tool that totally changes your images, added to lớn the files, và also changes the format of the files according to the selected format. It produces better results. It has many functions & also supports all functions updated from time to time.

This version of File Viewer Plus has many other additional features & functions. These are more amazing features that you can easily apply to your files. File Viewer Plus Keygen is more efficient because it provides more authentic results without any problems. It provides an unformatted inspector that allows advanced users lớn view files in a simple format.

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To open your tệp tin in File Viewer Plus, clichồng mở cửa a tệp tin, your file opens very quickly in this software. It has more advanced features that are quickly accessible to all users. You can also set the display kích thước of your files from the option provided.

Provide full tư vấn to users when they use this software. It is compatible with all new technological improvements perfectly. The user can easily change his tệp tin & also change these files to lớn their actual data. It provides sharper & brighter text files.

File Viewer Plus Craông xã Features:

View tệp tin & metadata residences

Have you ever been surprised by the hidden data stored in your files? Find out with the document viewer plus! File Viewer Plus activation key Software presentations record residences và metadata for each document you open.

View EXIF ​​pholớn records, which include virtual photos và uncooked digital documents. See codecs for audio & Clip documents. Consult the writer và provide information for the files. Use the information panel in the more report viewer to lớn show hidden facts in all file styles.

Inspect your documents

Drag and drop any report into lớn the positive sầu record viewer. In rare cases, this file viewer plus cannot display the report’s native sầu view, you can use the text nội dung và hexadecimal views khổng lồ examine the file’s nội dung. These views allow you to see “inside” the document, providing valuable information, specifically for unknown types of documents. You can even tìm kiếm for nội dung stored in the archive!

Effective software that allows you lớn open và edit some types of files. File Viewer Plus license key The supported tệp tin formats are too numerous lớn menu, however, you can kiểm tra the list provided on the developer’s home page page if you are looking for additional designated information.

The most important thing is that the application can open pdf files, Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, multitruyền thông files stored in a maximum of popular codecs, zip and 7z data, Windows cabinet files, và Android applications. File Viewer Plus Keyren, In addition, many types of files can be edited và you can, for example, crop pix, make changes, and follow the visible effects.

It provides a versatile batch report converter

Record Viewer Plus is a great device for customers who want khổng lồ transsize their photos, move sầu image files or music khổng lồ other formats, especially if you need to lớn process a large number of documents. You can even create conversion presets & use them later, whenever you persize the identical activity again.

A simplified and intuitive user interface, File Viewer Plus registry key The utility’s user interface works with a simple & intelligent design, and you can modify it by hiding the tệp tin data panel, toolbar, or popularity bar. In addition, documents can be viewed in full-screen mode.

In the kết thúc, record viewer plus is a flexible software solution that allows you to lớn open, edit, & convert documents stored in an impressive variety of formats. It is very clean to lớn use và works with a current and intuitive person interface.

Why pay dozens of software programs while the simplest wants one?

File Viewer Plus Full version Download crack The report viewer plus 2 helps more than three hundred types of files. This means you don’t have sầu khổng lồ buy software applications at high prices to view unknown files. Just install the positive sầu report viewer & open more than 300 different types of reports with just one software!

xuất hiện more than three hundred reports formats file Viewer Plus Licgen View & convert large quantities of tệp tin formats without having to buy the expensive sầu 0.33 celebration software! Be prepared with the help of Microsoft for the phrase, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, and attribution documents. Play and convert almost any audio or video document.

View và edit dozens of types of raster và vector photographs, as well as digital cameras from more than 600 exceptional digital models. Open gmail files, extract attachments, và bởi much more.

Edit, store, and convert your files:

The tệp tin viewer plus is not just a document viewer. It is a robust report editor and a very good converter. Free tải về of File Viewer Plus Edit phrase documents from Microsoft and store your changes.

Modify the images using the top photo editor & keep the resulting tệp tin in several extraordinary formats. Convert dozens of audio & video clip formats inlớn different types of multitruyền thông reports, all with a single application New: batch conversion at the tốc độ of light

Do you have sầu a lot of files lớn transform?

With the positive sầu log viewer, you can convert batch loads or perhaps hundreds of files at lightning tốc độ. Convert Microsoft files, PDF, multimedia files, textual nội dung documents, và more.

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How to install and register File Viewer Plus craông xã

After download extract the zip file using WinRAR or WinZipAfter extraction, the zip file installs the program normally.After installation, bởi vì not run the software.Always read the Readme file.Copy & paste the craông xã file inkhổng lồ the program files.After installation, run the software.You already did that. Now enjoy the full version.

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