Fix unexpected end of archive rar

When trying to lớn extract files from RAR archive, I come across error message stating, “Unexpected End of Archive”. What’s wrong? How khổng lồ extract them? - From WinSCP Forum

"Unexpected End of Archive" means the .rar or .zip file that you were trying to download is not complete or corrupted. Sometimes you might encounter this error message when you open or compress files with WinRar. How khổng lồ fix the problem? Next, let’s talk something about unexpected over of archive error.

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Reasons Behind Unexpected End of Archive

If your download process is though browser, some interruptions may occur, lượt thích power failure and poor connectivity, especially in the case of your tệp tin is in a big kích cỡ.You have changed your tệp tin extension. Don’t make an attempt at changing other tệp tin extension into lớn .rar or .zip, you know, the archive sầu file may get corrupted.You are likely to get this error after improper compression of archive sầu file. Such a compression header file could become damaged, which makes archive tệp tin unable lớn be accessed.On occasion virut or malware on your device have sầu chances to lớn cause archive file corruption. They are bad factors from network that can attack your file severely.If you store the zipped tệp tin in system hard drive sầu, then the bad sector disk may not allow you to open archive sầu tệp tin.Mismatch always causes unexpected over of tệp tin error. It’s also called CRC error & coming up when you are handling compressed data type.

Symptoms of Unexpected End of Archive sầu Error?

In reality, that operating system get corrupted can result in unexpected over of archive error & other dangerous errors. When you find these errors on your device, following symptoms should also show up.

The screen will get stuông xã for a period of time. If you open many sites và apps concurrently, these programs may be forced khổng lồ exit.Everything runs slowly. Your mouse and keyboard become less flexible. But be sure lớn remember, don’t generally keep your hands on the keyboard & the mouse.Once unexpected kết thúc of archive error appears, current program window might be crashed.Your device breaks down persistently showing “Unexpected End of Archive” error while running the identical program.

Fix WinRar Unexpected End of Archive sầu Error

It’s usually goes well when you tải về a rar or a zip tệp tin that’s lower than 5 mbs. However, if the tệp tin kích cỡ is quite high, chrome will stop downloading halfway and the downloaded tốc độ will be 0 kb/s. Finally, it tells you the download is completed. But when you are going to lớn open this file, it comes with "Unexpected End of Archive" error.

Situation #1: File is Corrupted

If you notice that the downloaded file is smaller than in the liên kết site, it means your tệp tin is corrupted. Here are some methods that you can have a try:

Redownload the fileClear the temporary filesUse a better browserTry a software download managerDo a full system antivirut scan

Situation #2: File is Not Corrupted

If the downloaded file kích thước is as same as it is in the links site, then you can use WinRar built-in repair tool to lớn fix this issue:

xuất hiện tệp tin with WinRar on your device. Select File -> Tools -> Repair. The program will be repaired right now.In Archive sầu type, you can choose Treat the corrupt archive sầu as RAR or Treat the corrupt archive as ZIP, which is according khổng lồ your tệp tin extension. Then cliông xã OK.

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The archive file stands a good chance of be repaired successfully on condition that a message pop up saying recovery record found. Cliông xã Cđại bại button after the repairing process finished.
Now you can extract your archive sầu tệp tin. Navigate to Commands -> Extract without confirmation, và then your tệp tin will be extracted to the same thư mục as the repaired archiver.

You might check this new repaired archive tệp tin. But if it fails, the main reason could be CRC error. In this case, you can use a third-các buổi party repairing tool lớn fix it. Such as SysInfoTools Archive recovery software, Yodot RAR Repair, they should be nice choice.

WinRar Not Working Anymore? Find WinRar Alternative for Mac

To avoid unexpected kết thúc of archive error, you’d better vị some preventive sầu measures. One of the measures is using a reliable tool for compressing & decompressing files. If WinRar doesn’t work well for you, just turn khổng lồ a WinRar alternative. I have collected a great application named BetterUnarchiver for Mac users. You can zip and unzip tệp tin with it easily on Mac.

Free Download

Main Features of WinRar Alternative sầu for Mac:

Load archive files in batch và extract them with one cliông xã.Compress files inkhổng lồ Zip, 7Z, Tar format và create a password to lớn protect them.Quickly retrieve sầu your files, photos, và passwords via Keyword Search.Pnhận xét files before decompressing it on Mac.


Other Tips to Fix WinRar Error

Back up your tệp tin often. In this case, you will no need lớn worry about the destruction of file.Supposing that operating system warns the harm that it can cause to your system, please quit download archive sầu attachment from mạng internet immediately.Avoid interruption while downloading or transferring is in progress.