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We use will be + -ing form (present participle, not bare infinitive) to lớn khung the future continuous to lớn talk about future actions. It"s used lớn express that something will be in progress at or around a time in the future.

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I"ll be out at 6 o"clochồng tomorrow. I"ll be buying a oto. It means that I will be in the middle of buying a oto at/around this time tomorrow.


I will be buying it.

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The only infinitive here is be, which is required by the modal auxiliary will; buying is a present participle. This is a future version of the progressive:

PRESENT PROGRESSIVE: I am buying a hamburger right now. PAST PROGRESSIVE: I was buying a hot dog yesterday when I met Kevin. FUTURE PROGRESSIVE: I will be buying a BLT for lunch tomorrow.


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