Word Password Recovery Master

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Word Password Recovery Masterresolves the common issue – a lost or forgotten Word password. It supports all versions of the app, all kinds of password, and the cracking process end-to-kết thúc usually take no more than 10 seconds thanks khổng lồ secure online password hệ thống. This server cracks the password hidden in the Word document and unlocks data inside. The tool supports MS Word 97-2013 documents and is excitingly easy to use.

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Tip: Also you could try to lớn use online password recovery service Password-FindDownload

Universal password cracker for MS Word documents

Microsoft Word documents can be protected with passwords if you want the contents khổng lồ remain secure, unavailable for others or non-editable with permission. However, you may fall a victim to lớn your own forgetfulness if you manage lớn thảm bại a password locking your Word documents. In that case, you need Word Password Recovery Master.

This tool in merely few seconds will recover all passwords in a Word document including a password to open, a password khổng lồ modify, a document protection password, và a password that locks the VBA project of this document. Even better, the process is fully automatic và all passwords are restores in just one run.

Word Password Recovery Master allows almost instantly break passwords for Word 97/2000/XP/2003 documents. The high cracking tốc độ compared to lớn competitors is caused by the special online password server. The program sends encryption data of a document to the server; the hệ thống analyzes it and returns the decryption key. Importantly, the tool doesn’t skết thúc any contents of the document, so this affects neither your privacy nor your bandwidth.

In addition you can protect the program itself by assigning a secret administrator password to Word Password Recovery Master, so it would allow khổng lồ recover Word passwords to lớn authorized persons only.

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Key benefits of using Word Password Recovery Master

You can recover and remove MS Word 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010/2013 passwords (read the detailed information in the “Supported MS Word versions” section).You can break multiple MS Word passwords in one go.You can crack a password to lớn open, a password lớn modify, a document protection password, a VBA projects password in Microsoft Word documents.With the use of the password server you can remove password lớn open in Word 97/2000/XP/2003 documents in just 10 seconds.You can phối a password to lớn restrict access to cracking functions.Any password you recover can be easily copied khổng lồ the clipboard.The interface of the tool is absolutely intuitive and doesn’t need any special skills khổng lồ use the program.

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Easy way to lớn recover lost MS Word passwords

With a serious password recovery capability under the hood, Word Password Recovery Master is extremely easy khổng lồ use. xuất hiện the document that needs khổng lồ be cracked, clichồng the Crack button on the toolbar. The rest is done automatically in the matter of seconds. All types of passwords will be recovered and shown on the screen.

If you urgently need lớn open a document, and asks for a password you don’t know, use Word Password Recovery Master to lớn craông chồng it. May be you need to discover the password blocking you from making changes in the file? The program can handle this problem too. Password-protected VBA projects can also be processed và successfully cracked with just one click.


Conveniently, you can recover or remove sầu each password individually, or crack all of them at once. And any recovered Word password can be copied lớn the clipboard in a snap khổng lồ quickly open the document you need lớn access.

Supported MS Word versions

The program needs to lớn connect lớn the password hệ thống in order khổng lồ remove sầu a password khổng lồ open in MS Word 97/2000/XP/2003 documents.

Note that depending on the version of Microsoft Word the file is created in, some passwords can be recovered while others – cannot. The below table shows what types of passwords can be recovered and removed with Word Password Recovery Master.

Password Type

MS Word Version *

Password recovery

Password removal

Password to open



Password to modify



Document protection password



VBA project password



* The program does not tư vấn MS Word 97/2000/XP/2003 documents protected with non-standard Crypkhổng lồ Service Provider.